Twice Born A Vagabond
A Novel [Copr. 2008]
By D. DeWitt Thomas
Chapter Thirty-two


I figured it was time to get back to Austin to face the law enforcement officers who wanted me on the outstanding warrant for the alleged possession of marijuana plus I had been invited to attend Janis Joplin's birthday party there in a park near Lake Travis. Anyway, I wasn't going to miss it. I had to hitchhike back to Austin from Houston because I had sold my blue Ford Galaxy 500 to get money to pay the lawyer that I had hired to represent me. With Pepper zipped up in my jacket, I hit the freeway ramp early hoping a trucker would feel sympathetic. We were picked up in no time and arrived in Austin about 5 hours later. When I got to Austin, I contacted my lawyer and he made arrangements for me to surrender and post bond. My trial date was set and we appeared on the appropriate day. The trial took less than ten minutes. "All rise." said the balif. The Texas Rangers were seated along the far wall. I was seated in front of the bar with my lawyer. My lawyer stood up and asked each Ranger, "Have you ever seen the defendant before today?" Each one said "No." My lawyer asked each lawman, "Was my client present on that day at the ranch where you found marijuana?" Each officer answered, "No." "Let the record show that none of the arresting officers have ever laid their eyes on my client before today and that he was not present on the premises where the illegal substance was found," my lawyer stated to the Judge. "So be it," said the Judge. One Ranger stood up to be recognized. "Yes, your Honor, but we found his wallet," he said. My attorney responded, "But that has not proved that my client was in possession of the illegal substance." He then turned to the Judge, "Your honor, I move that the charges against my client be dropped." The Judge reached for his gavel and said, "This case is dismissed for lack of evidence." The trial Judge reached across the bench and slammed his gavel on the block. I walked. Free.

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