Twice Born A Vagabond
A Novel [Copr. 2008]
By D. DeWitt Thomas
Chapter Twenty


Artistic conceptualization is a natural dance that suspends preconcieved notions and surrenders to not-knowing. At the moment when I accept Roky's spontanious expression of innovative inspiration, we are no longer seperated. Not only do I hear the music, I experience it. I am drawn into experiencing the music of the spheres. There is no pain or anxiety, only awe and amazement. Ego and aggression are suspended and the balanced movement of positive energy is flowing through me like the breath of life. Inside the vortex of spiraling emotion, I can be and feel and know the life force moving through the rhythm. The music is in sync with my heartbeat and the sun sparkles through the clouds.
Song and dance. Smoke and mirrors. Goodnight innocent children. No matter how you speak no one will ever hear you. No matter how far you travel, you will never arrive. No matter how much you learn, you will never know. The singularity is point where beginning meets the end which is now here and nowhere.
"Let's play." I said. "Where is Stacy? Where is Galindo?" I asked Tommy. "It's time to rock and roll!"
Good night innocent children. Sleep well in the oneness of singularity. Live alone. Die alone. See past watching. Hear past listening. Know past learning. Live in oneness of heart, mind and soul. Your purpose is un-named. Ride the astralplane through parallel universes and discover your ki. Visualize pictures, formulate plans, and postulate notions of what you want ultimately to follow.
Logic is limited to the task at hand; however, enlightenment supercedes intelligence. I enable my intelligence to implement my enlightenment and allow discovery to reveal itself as the balance flows between meaning and purpose. Homeostasis is to metamorphosis as singularity is to evolution. I live in the "I am" until death destroys me. Meaning and purpose are fleeting emotions. There is no meaing past death, only cosmic dust.

Since your highter fragrance
Is memories' incense
And never destroyed
Copyright 1968, Tommy Hall and Roky Erickson

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