Twice Born A Vagabond
A Novel [Copr. 2008]
By D. DeWitt Thomas
Chapter Eighteen


I explain to Tommy and Clementine that I am aware of the fact that my diatribe has become somewhat belabored so I pause and wait for a reaction from them. "So," asks Tommy, "how does all of this posturing accomplish anything? What is the answer to the question of survival in an environment where survival is always threatened the swirling atmosphere of external stimuli?" his tone taking on a challenging vibe due to him being unimpressed by my revelation. "Well, you see," I continue, "if you become aware of the external pressure which the environment is exerting onto your plasmatic balloon-self, then the "you" becomes sensitive and takes precautions. This gives you time to decide whether or not to leave the nothingness behind and take a trip or just ignore it. You can flow through the journey of an emotional reaction or simply disregard the stimulus altogether maintaining the homeostasis and stay centered inside the crystaline sphere of your environment." "And then what?" asks Tommy. "Wait for the next stimulus," I respond, "everything is temporary except death. It is not important what causes the stress whether it is another person or simply the situation. We are all pawns of the "creator" used to perpetuate the "creation". There is no reason for the insanity because there is no other interpretation. You should keep people from wasting your time and get on with life because you only get one lifetime. Too much time is wasted by other people who enjoy bringing you down an emotional side-track and leading you to a dead end, anyway, they are only getting simple minded cheap thrill out of being a control freak on a power trip brought on by self delusion, right?" I continued. Tommy nodded uncommitingly as he slowly lifted his left eyebrow slightly. I think he got my point because he only lifts his left eyebrow when he has been enlightened.
Tommy sits silently and ponders while I keep hearing Johnny Winter strumming his guitar over by the park bench. The music provides the sort of sacred atmoshpere that makes our space a sancturary for deep thoughts. Suddenly Roky appeares in the alleyway next to the fire escape running briskly in our direction. He waves.

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