Twice Born A Vagabond
A Novel [Copr. 2008]
By D. DeWitt Thomas
Chapter Eleven


The wages of sin are death, We are all sinners, We are born to die. The important somethings became insignificant nothings when the beginnings met the end. There are some things in life though that really do matter. Being happy is one of them. The actual feeling of happiness is real to me. I continuously pursue it. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Never do anything because someone else says it is "the right thing to do". Instead, follow your heart and do it because you feel like it and want to do it and live with the consequences. You will either be given credit or you will have to shoulder the blame for what results in the end.
I never do something because someone tells me that I am supposed to do it. I always follow my heart. I do things because I sincerely and truely want to do them. Karma plays a big role in determining my actions. I know what goes around comes around. As long as my actions show respect for another, I am willing to live with the results. I will claim ownership for my behavior.
My body is only a sack of meat and bones, the purpose for which is to encase my soul, my "you". "You" is sloshing around inside of my human form. "You" is my intuition, frame of mind, common sense, heart of hearts, or mind's eye. All of it is wrapped-up inside of me. I call it "you" and you call it "me". "You" controls my decisions and has the final word.
"You" lives in either of two realms, good or evil. The two options are good intentions or bad intentions. Good intentions result in feeling happy. Bad intentions result in feeling sad. I weigh each decision carefully. I discern each situation on its own merit. Intellect and logic do not play a part in the process at this stage. Logic and intellect twist my mind like a pretzel leaving my thoughts where I began and still without an answer.
My senses serve as receptors.I know that my senses are capable of registering only a tiny portion of what is around me. I know that there is alot more going on than I will ever be able to perceive in a lifetime. What I taste, feel, hear, smell, or see is all that I know. My actions are based on choice. What I choose is determined by my intentions.

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